Cavalleri is always careful to the market evolutions, and in the perspective to be in the forefront on its reference sector it supervises the new opportunities that the market can offer and the rumours coming from customers, either historic or new ones.


Thanks to this continuous activity, a new type of machine creates from our workhouses, specifically thought for the wide market of table cloths and more in general for the catering one.

The machine is designed for the realisation of table cloths packs, in the packages that usually it’s found in commercial centres and in the wholesales points.
The final product is generated from the classical coil of TNT, or dry paper, or any other material right to building material for customers welcome in restaurants, pizzerias, dining halls, etc. The weight range is larger to the one specified for the reference market, tracing the Cavalleri’s characteristics (for more information, follow related section in this site).
Our experience, acquired in many years, guarantees a cut precision on the order of one tenth of millimetre in conjunction to an objectively high speed. In fact it’s easy reaching 60-70 tablecloths per minute during normal machine running.
Cut & fold family is composed by different models, each one characterized by a different width. Smaller model is the TP12 with a 1,050 mm width, and so on until the TP15, 1,550 mm width. Consequently is varying the maximum width that the coil can have, and the max. width of produced tablecloths. For the max. length point of view, instead, it remains fixed on 1000 mm for each model. All other characteristics that machines have, i. e. their frames and all their values, are the same, nevertheless the model.
The cut & fold permits the realisation of already folded tablecloths starting from a coil of material usually used in this field. The coil is unwound and pre-emptively longitudinally folded before its insertion under the pulling system and the blade for its transversal cut.
The longitudinally folding system can be decided during the commercial discussion. In our portfolio we have some solutions, and specific necessities can be evaluated together with the customer during the negotiation. When the film arrives under the blade (at machine input), it has already acquired all the needed longitudinal folds. Starting from this point, all other folds will be only in transversal sense.
All fundamental parts of the machine (cut section, transport, transversal folds, piling and evacuation) are managed by a devoted brushless motor, to control the single working part independently from the others, although the entire synchronism of the machine is maintained. This is particularly useful in the transversal folds managing, i.e. their dynamic offset setting and calculus.
At machine output, the folded tablecloths are transported by one or more rubber mats to the piling section. In this machine part each tablecloth is piled on the precedent ones on a translating tray, that downshift until the programmed number of tablecloths forming the packet is reached, and from it on a rubber mat for exiting. The final mat transports the packet to the operator or toward a bag-making machine in-line to the ours.
Definitively the machine integrates the machines park of Cavalleri, permitting our entrance in a world that until today remained marginal for us. Customer who buy a machine like this acquires the certainty to have a rich, well done production and above all answering to all the quality standards that only Cavalleri can offer.
In the follow all machines parameters are shown:


Who purchase the machine, can freely choose its characteristics, in terms of additional features that better meet working requirements:


Furthermore every machine has a modem like standard equipment, to remotely connect to it. In this manner electronic problems can be resolved without a physical intervention, but directly from office. This mean an evident money and time saving.
Cavalleri, thanks to its technical support, can intervene and resolve all problem type (mechanical, electric or electronic) that sheeter presents. The sheeter can be placed all around the world, but it’s always possible have an highly qualified technician to resolve your problems, for a machine revamping or only to answer at any curiosity you can have around sheeter running. Our reaction times are very short, to limit damages due to production standstills.